Manager’s Quick Guide to Leading Virtual

We are pleased to make available our Manager’s Quick Guide to Leading Virtual. Now more than ever we need to be agile leaders. That may mean adjusting strategy, approach or behavior in order to build trust and engage teams in a way that drives accountability and enables all team member to deliver with confidence and realize their full potential.

Over the past 75 years, the average lifespan of a company has decreased dramatically. Many companies that were thriving 20 years ago do not exist today because their organizations lacked agility. That lifespan will continue to shorten without building the necessary skills, mindsets, capabilities, and processes to stay relevant and competitive.

Why is a formal change management strategy imperative?

  1. Because between 70-95% of all corporate change initiatives fail due to poor planning, infrastructure and/or culture issues.
  2. While 80% of executives say change is critical to their organization’s success, few have  embedded it in their business plan as a strategic priority.
  3. While unintentional, there is often a lack of executive team alignment around the vision and strategy for change.

C Future works with organizations that are committed to navigating change in a way that that fosters common purpose, alignment and empowered execution.

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