Making the Work a Better Place

Is your organization producing healthy people outcomes?

About Us

Our world is rapidly changing, and so are the people in it. But our fundamental need for healthy outcomes and upward mobility has not. C Future is a boutique, certified women-owned, strategic consulting practice rooted in human-centered change, sustainable workplace equity, and inclusive experiences that are accessible to all.

We are DEIA-sign thinkers. We create places to work that work for everyone, are ideated by everyone, and welcome a new generation of leaders, in thought, composition, and craft.

We are social architects. We create places and spaces that nurture people, the nervous system of an organization, and yield return on investment for all stakeholders.

When everyone can achieve, the business is better.

How We Partner

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Just Getting Started

New to the journey? Believe it or not, most mission-driven organizations already have a great purpose and a story to tell but may be lacking the diversity, the bandwidth, and/or the infrastructure to support sustainable equity. DEIA is not a program or an initiative. It is a business imperative that protects an organization’s position in the supply chain, improves return on people investment, and leads to better business outcomes. We equip our clients to operationalize DEIA both systemically and behaviorally while making a positive impact in the communities served.

Bump in the Road

Feeling frustrated with your organization’s progress or lack thereof? We are strategic and tactical partners, effective in recalibrating strategy and course-correcting realized and unrealized challenges and obstacles impeding progress toward your goals.

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Leveling Up

Ready to take things to the next level? Learn more about The Culturally Responsive Workplace, a business pedagogy for sustainable organizational equity that is fully accessible to all.

What We Value

“History has shown us that courage can be contagious, and hope can take on a life of its own.”

– Michelle Obama


We center for learning and growth


We embrace open mindsets and strive to understand how others view and experience the world.


We foster resilience, spark joy and make the realization of talents and potentialities accessible.


We connect, creating the conditions for formal and organic synergies.

What We Do

Accessibility and Organizational Equity

As part of the advisory process we administer equity in organizational policy and practice audits as a mechanism to establish baseline areas of strength, opportunity, and relative risk as it relates to workforce diversification, workplace culture and flexibility, people policy, recruiting, and hiring practices. The equity audit is a critical data instrument leveraged for strategy design.

Education & Restorative Dialogue

We are experts in designing safe spaces for respectful, educational dialogue that builds empathy and improves emotional literacy. From implicit bias to allyship, our live, facilitator led virtual education programs guide learners through critical topics fundamental to introspection and developing self awareness. Create spaces and team dynamics where all aspects of identity are safe and accepted.

Employee Experience & Engagement

We build and administer a variety of organizational culture and employee engagement assessments that empower our clients to connect with their front line, collect candid feedback and take meaningful and focused action around employee sentiment and needs.

ESG and Advisory Services

We partner with organizations seeking to advance their ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility efforts with a specific focus in the Social space. We work with our clients to develop the strategic framework and roadmap to achieve desired business and people outcomes and move the needle on ratings.

Our Clients Include

When we are not hard at work for our clients, we are working hard to practice our humanity.

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