What can history’s greatest explorers teach us about COVID-19?

Like many of history’s greatest explorers, we have had what seems like insurmountable challenges placed in front of us. From financial health to personal health, to the safety and well-being of others, charting new territory is certainly not for the faint of heart. COVID-19 has forced leaders to reevaluate how they show up for others and reimagine how they drive results. Perhaps even the definition of results has been modified (at least temporarily) and that has required changes in the execution strategy. What are you learning from this COVID-19 experience that will inform your shared vision and create a platform to emerge healthy and ready for tomorrow’s triumphs (and tribulations)?

There is much that we can we learn from others who have successfully navigated the unknown and incredibly challenging. Here is a great article from Entrepreneur Magazine on 9 Lessons Explorers Can Teach You From Their Impossible Expeditions.

This is not a time for adaption. We need to be agile, resilient and courageous. If you are leading a company or a team and you have not taken the time to start sketching out a variety of ways to scale the glacier, you may only be at the onset of the true challenge ahead.

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