Our Practice

What is the Future we “C”?

“History has shown us that courage can be contagious, and hope can take on a life of its own.”

— Michelle Obama

C Future is a boutique, WBENC-certified, consulting practice rooted in human-centered change. We are design thinkers creating places to work that work for everyone, are ideated by everyone, and welcome a new generation of leaders, in thought, composition, and craft.

Education & Restorative Dialogue

Are your stakeholders inclusive leaders? Do they understand how others see and experience the world? We are experts in designing safe spaces for respectful, educational conversations and personal storytelling that improves emotional and historical literacy for everyone. Our brain-based facilitation and restorative approach opens minds and supports all learners in shifting mindsets. We are all just one thought away from experiencing life differently.

Employee Experience & Engagement

Do your work places and spaces nurture a culture of belonging and inspire people to fully engage? With over two decades of experience in people strategy, organizational effectiveness, and workplace experience design, we see things differently. We bring fresh, innovative perspectives, best practices, and a bias for inclusion to the table. We teach our clients how to be trust leaders and allies seeking diversity of thought with every decision.

Social Responsibility & Governance

Is your organization strategically focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility as part of your commitment to human rights and sustainability? As practitioners in equity strategy, behavioral and structural inclusion, we work with our clients to develop the strategic framework and roadmap to achieve desired business outcomes while making professional growth, development, and healthy outcomes accessible to all.

Not sure where to start? We can explore what services are right for you, our methodology and approach, and our fee structure.