Our Mantra

Places and spaces are powerful.

When we understand and believe in the power of place, we realize that authentic, quality places are incubators of both individual and shared transformation and growth. This includes the workplace. Good intentions do not drive exceptional experiences or sustainable businesses. Authentic, quality places are anti-biased and require structural equity and behavioral inclusion.

Everyone gets a pair of shoes that fit.

Herein lies the equity analogy and the equity challenge. It’s not enough that everyone gets a pair of shoes. Replace shoes with whatever your product or service is. When an organization engages in equity work, they take the extra steps to ensure everyone gets a pair of shoes that fit and they apply human centered design to further define what this means and the impact to stakeholders.

Belonging is an outcome.

More than ever, organizations need and want people to feel a sense of belonging. However, if belonging is a desired outcome, the people in the organization must do something together to make belonging matter. This requires courage, commitment, cognizance, collaboration, creativity, and accountability…from the C-suite to the front line.

Founder's Bio<br>
Founder’s Bio

Kristen began her career in hospitality operations transitioning to human resources in the early 2000s. Since then, she has been leading people strategy and transformational change in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Kristen has been strategy consultant and change agent in the diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility space since 2012. Her work has garnered recognition from numerous organizations at local and national levels. She is a graduate of Penn State University and an avid Acro Yoga enthusiast.

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